Local // Seasonal // Sustainable 

But what does that even mean?


It means food from the source, close to home. From pasture fed beef in our limestone coast and the Adelaide Hills, free range chickens and eggs from the Falkai valley, grains and pulses farmed and grown on the Yorke peninsula, single origin oats from the pristine kangaroo island, smallgoods raised and crafted in the Barossa valley and the Adelaide hills, even our seafood is caught sustainably in the waters of SA. All our craft beers are made right here in the port and our vegan, organic and biodynamic wines come from no further than our own Barossa or Mclaren vale. When food has less miles to travel, it results in fresher produce, less carbon emissions and keeps the profits within our state.


All of our fruits and vegetables are used purely in-season, meaning not only does our menu evolve throughout the year, but the dishes are vibrant and retain more nutrients. This ethos also supports our local farmers who supply sustainable, non-sprayed biodynamic goods.


It means that our coffee is small batch roasted, traceable and Adam,(our roaster), negotiates a price that is 3x that of fair trade, allowing the farmers to grow, expand and live in a way that reflects the high quality of the product. These high quality beans are roasted in a way that preserves the qualities of the berry,(coffee), that highlights the work of the farmers, allowing you, to truly taste the terroir and of the bean.


We use redgum wood from the Adelaide Hills which reduces the amount of fossils fuels we have to use and also flavours the food we cook, and is pretty much the oldest recipe in the book.


We use native herbs, fish, nuts and fruits, some of which are foraged in their natural state. All have ancient medicinal properties and promote biodiversity in our environment. Although they are natural to this beautiful country, they are not used as much as they should be.


Our food and coffee waste is composted locally, through the Semaphore Compost Network and is diverted from landfill. We have partnered with Scouts to assist with our recycling efforts, striving for zero waste.


Each of these things work in harmony to create a menu, and ethos, for delicious food and drink without costing the earth.


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We use true free range eggs produced by Falkai Farms. Laid daily by happy, pasture-raised hens. Their chooks are free to forage through healthy pasture for bugs and grubs, green grass and seeds. They sleep in a converted caravan, overseen by their faithful guardian, our Maremma dog Bernie.

We use The Fleurieu Milk Company for all of our dairy, whose practices ensure that the end product is as close to natural as possible. Their factory is on farm, only 500 metres from the closest dairy, this allows them to ensure their products reach us in the freshest possible condition.

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We only source our meats from suppliers whose ethics and values align with The Banksia Tree's. The key things that we look for are: grass fed, pasture raised and a high standard of animal welfare. We cook over a wood grill to enhance natural flavours.

All of our fruits and vegetables are used only when in season, meaning not only does our menu evolve throughout the year but the dishes are vibrant and retain more nutrients. It also supports our local farmers who choose sustainable 

practices such as non-sprayed biodynamic practices.

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We absolutely love visiting the Banksia Tree Cafe! The food is beyond amazing, but importantly the staff are the most wonderful people 💕
(They always make our little man feel like the most important man in the room)

Danni Weaver