Sourcing Locally

95% of our menu is made from ingredients/suppliers in SA.

Pasture raised beef, chicken and eggs, pulses and grains from the Yorke Peninsula, dairy, spirits, wine, beer, pasta, seafood-all farmed or produced here in our state. Our wines are vegan, organic and biodynamic from Barossa and McLaren Vale. When food has less miles to travel, it results in fresher produce, less carbon emissions and keeps the profits within our state.

All of our fruits and vegetables are used purely in season, and so our menu changes regularly. We also support our local farmers who supply us with sustainable, non-sprayed biodynamic goods. For a full list of our suppliers, see base of this page.​

Our coffee is small batch roasted, by Monastery right here in Adelaide. It is traceable and above fair trade, allowing the farmers to produce high quality beans and enjoy a better quality for life. Medium roasted for full flavour, preserving the qualities of the berry (coffee) which highlights the work of the farmers, allowing you to truly taste the terroir of the bean.​


We use red gum in our grill from the Adelaide Hills. This gives our food a unique flavour and helps to create the true Banksia experience.​ We use native herbs, fish, nuts and fruits, some of which are foraged locally. All have ancient medicinal properties and promote biodiversity in our environment.​

Our food and coffee waste is composted locally, through the Semaphore Compost Network and is diverted from landfill. We have partnered with our local Scouts group to assist with our recycling efforts and are striving for zero waste.​

Our "water for farmers" initiative means that we donate 100% of profits from all sales of sparkling water to Australian farmers through rural aid.

Each of these things work in harmony to create a menu and an ethos, for delicious food and drink without costing the earth.

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Our Suppliers

kanmantoo bacon / FEATHER AND PECK / 2 gulfs crab / barossa fine foods / dirty inc / monastery coffee / fleurieu dairy / riviera bakery / KIS spirits / Applewood distillery / Big shed brewing / Pirate life / U-tonic / Bickfords / The tea catcher / Juice quest / Mischief brew coffee / nutragenics / tsharkes / varci syrups paxton / MOULD FARMER

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